Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Day (And Night!) Out

Last Sunday, instead of heading home from church with my family, I joined my friend Rachel for a girls day and sleepover! Siiigh. I'm enjoying as much summer fun as I can- considering school is staring up in THREE WEEKS! That's some crazy stuff. I'm even getting up early tomorrow for a meeting with my new school's counselor to plan out my schedules for the next four years!

But anyway, back to the subject. :) We ended up having a great time! And yeah, did all the normal, girl sleepover stuff. Watched chick flicks, pigged out on sugar, gave each other makeovers, and talked about boys. :)



After! (I know, huge difference, right?) haha

Funky Faces :)

Surprise! (Attractive picture of me, huh?)

We want YOU!

Aw. So sad.

Hmm. Not sure what this one is.. lol

Party girls. Oh yeahh. ;)

Speaking in tonguess!! :D

Kisses anyone?

Marilyn Monroe's lips would be so proud. Haha!


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