Sunday, August 23, 2009

8th Grade Retreat

Wasn't yesterday awesome! All the 8th Graders from church gathered at the student building and they drove us down to Madeline Pierce's home (A VERY beautiful home!) for some sun, fun, and a final goodbye to middle school.

Bus ride there. Haha, isn't Brandon photogenic? :)

Brandon modeling my new SUSIE glasses! ;)

Rachel and me(:

I believe that's someone knee boarding but it's a little hard to tell.

The day was a BLAST! I went tubing twice (And now has sore elbows, arms, and legs thank you very much) ;), swam, played volleyball, listened to some great lessons, and one of the best things was something I actually ended up doing by myself. I really wanted to try out water skiing, so right before we had worship and left, I went out on a boat and tried it out!!

(Keep in mind I used the pole, not the normal rope thing, so it was a little easier) The first time, I lasted about 3 seconds. The second time, about 5. The third time, 20! (Each time my skis came off, and that wasn't very fun. Neither was getting back to the pole.) ;) BUT... on my last turn, right before I was about to pass all my friends, I STOOD UP!!! And made it half way across the lake!!! I was so proud of myself for having the guts to do it. :) :) And now I'll have the privilege of saying I've water skied!

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