Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homecoming Week, Game, and Dance!

I can't believe Homecoming is finally over! It seems I've been preparing for so long, and then it all happens so quickly.

Each day last week you got to dress up a little differently. It was pretty fun(:! Then we had our Homecoming Game against Klein Forest Friday night (Which we lost, by the way. Miserably), and then Homecoming on Saturday! Everything went great except that most the girls had put all their cameras, phones, money, and school ID's in Shelby's coach purse which got stolen! Apparently lots of peoples things got taken. They really should have a place to put all your junk, with staff guarding it.. :( I got lucky, and nothing of mine was stolen.

Neon Day

Brittani, me, Katie, and Leah! Love these girls!

Danielle, me, and Jessi.

Celebrity Day

Brittani (Pocahontas) and me. (I was Taylor Swift)

Nathan (He's Nathan Detroit from Guys and Dolls), Katie (A train. Obviously. Haha, I love her!), me, Vivian who was a princess, and Sierra who was Miley Cyrus.

Sarah. She was Spongebob! Hahaha.

Nerd Day

(From left to right) Shelby (Whose purse got stolen) :(, Brittani, me, Leah, Stefi, and Katie! I think this was my favorite day. :)

Sohni's kick-me sign! Ahh i lovee it!

All my Choir Girl buddies. :)On the top there's Sierra, Cammie, and Katherine, and then McKenna, Katie, and me. They are all amazing!
Megan! Ahh she is so much fun to be around!

Decade Day
(Dress as your favorite decade!)

My sister, Kayla, and I. She dressed as 70's and I did 50's. Love her!

Me, Katie, and Cammie. Some of the funniest girls aroundd(:

We were twins from our toes up!

Spirit Day

(Dress in school colors and with your mum and garter! For those that don't know, in Klein, to symbolize that you have a date for Homecoming, the girl wheres a large, loud, thing called a mum, and the guy basically wears a smaller version of the mum around his arm)

Gray and I. :) This is the only picture I took!

Homecoming Game!

Stefi, Taylor, Katie H. and then Katie W., me, and Megan!

Again, Katie, Stefi, Taylor, and me! lol


Kayla and I. Her dress looked PERFECT on her! I looved it!
All of us at Carrabbas. Sorry it's kinda dark.

Most of the girls. Shelby went back home since she'd already taken quite a few.

Girls again(:

Gray and me.
Leah! <3>Brittani!


Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Help

In case you're wondering where my Playlist went, I placed it at the bottom of my blog, since you might want to shut it off.