Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My Most Recent Quiz: :)

What School Year Are You, Really?

You're a freshman in high school.
Welcome to the worst year of your life! Just kidding -- it's not that bad. As a 9th grader, you might feel like everyone else is taller, louder, and more confident than you... and it's sort of true. When you first get to high school, it's hard to be 100% sure where you belong or who your friends are. No matter how hard you try to blend in with the crowd, it seems like you're always headed up the wrong stairway or getting pushed aside in the halls. If the upperclassmen aren't very friendly, it's probably because they're totally freaked about college, SAT scores, and plans for the future. Lucky for you, all that stress is still a few years away. A bit of advice: If you show up at school in your underwear, forget your locker combination, and realize you forgot to study for a huge test, it's probably just a bad dream. Wake up, already! And please, put some clothes on before you leave the house.

While I will admit that most everyone is going to be taller than me, this quiz seemed pretty off. (Although it did get right that I'm going to be a freshman!) :) But as far as everything else goes, I know 1. My identity is in Christ, 2. I have some great Christian friends and 3. Some of the upperclassmen are super nice. Very reassuring. :)

School is getting scary close... less than a week! Luckily, I still have one fun summer thing left to do before school starts (gulp). This Saturday all the 8th Graders from church are heading to the Pierce's (who live on a lake! wow!) for some f-u-n!

Until then, I'm still figuring out how to stop time so I can live in summer forever. ;)

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