Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kentucky Mission Trip

Just got back from the mission trip to the App. Mountains in Kentucky! I could sum it all up with one word- WOW! God is sooo good! His sovereignty and grace continues to astound me!

Gorgeous, huh?

This is the church we painted. It's been around for some time. A man we met said it used to be used for hay and horses and stuff! But he also said he wanted to start using it again. The inside is pretty nice! It was so cool that we got the chance to see it.

We had a block party for the local kids. It was a blast! You could tell they were really having fun. Praise God that Cat got to witness to one of the kid's moms! She got saved right then and there.

This is me jumping off a rock. But the scary part wasn't jumping- it was climbing up! Especially with my short legs. ;)

We chipped paint off old windows and doors for two days. My knuckles are STILL recovering! LOL.

Kentucky is too beautiful for words.
This is during the VBS we had for the kids in a neighborhood. They were awesome! The girl on my right, Haley, made the cutest little bracelet. It doesn't fit, but it's still really sweet. I'm missing these kids like crazy!
I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but Tris was definitely my favorite. He was the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. The first day we met him, going around telling people about our "sports camp", his mom stopped us before we left and said that he had just been diagnosed with leukemia and she was supposed to get results that afternoon. We all stood around and prayed. It was heartbreaking. We ended up calling KSBJ that night so everyone back home could pray too. We came back the next day... talked to his mom... and she said the doctors had no idea how but little Tris was HEALTHY. No leukemia! Only by the grace of God! Most beautiful moment ever.
Taken on the last day at mission trip. This is where the seniors said goodbye, and we had our last worship time together... it started raining, pouring is more like it, so we had to cut it short
:( but it was totally amazing. (And sad!)
You know I got home, and nothing was really the same. My perspective on daily life had been completely changed. Little things don't seem to matter as much anymore, and I'm trying to make an effort to put into practice what I did in Kentucky. (Not repainting the house, but you know...) ;) One things for sure... when you go on a mission trip and let God work through you to help others, He's working IN you at the same time.
God did so many amazing things in Kentucky. Too many things to fit in one blog entry! :) He did some serious work in my life and heart, and I'm praying the upliftment I feel now will stay. And if you're reading this, please pray for all the people in Kentucky we talked to- and all we didn't get to talk to!
Thanks for listening. :)

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