Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cardinals: Defeathered >:)

The way to a man's heart is (No, not through food
or flattery) but sports. According to dad, that is.
Of course, he's half joking. And part of me (The part that takes it seriously) does want to love it as much as he does. But there's just something about it that usually doesn't catch my attention. (The nonserious part of me just likes to be teased by my dad) :)
Well, last night he took me to the Astros vs. Cardinals game and I will admit, I got pretty into it. (Although Dad refuses to admit anything other than the fact I liked taking pictures. Boys.) ;)

Mom and I outside the park. :)

Handsome Dad and I. (I stole his hat!) :))

All of us. (Except Mom, she graciously said she'd take the picture) =D Notice Dad isn't smiling. He says I take too many pictures. But hey, the way I see it, I can never take enough! Life goes by WAY too fast.

Go Astros! :D

Boo Cardinals. >)

That awesome train. :)

Closer view :)

Blum again(:

Cardinals conversing. They were freaking cuz we were winning. :)

That's basically how it ended. I think the Cardinals got one more run (and so did we?) but we obviously ended up winning. Pretty awesome when they got a grand slam and then another run! I can't believe how excited I got. Because when you REALLY think about it, I'm getting excited about men running around in circles.
But you know what? I had a good time. I did. And who knows? Maybe I'll even sit down with Dad sometime and watch a game with him.

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