Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A little bit of kindess can truly make a person's day.

Today was kinda crazy and it was going downhill fast.

But I walked into my 7th period class- and what was waiting for me?

A wonderful letter from one of my best friends who tracked down my class, found out where my seat was, and left it for me before I got there.

And I felt so much better.


I dare you to say something nice to someone tomorrow.

Maybe they're having a bad day and maybe they're not, but either way-

You made someone smile.



  1. your blog is awesome. it's encouraging to see an honest heart after Jesus at such a young age. the lord has great things for you and great purpose for incredible kingdom impact in this day and in days to come. may countless lives hallow the name of Jesus because of your life and love. may you know him ever more closely. love him ever more dearly. such a beautiful savior. such a beautiful God. beautiful Jesus! beautiful King!
    - Vernon

  2. Great post! Everyone should think about encouraging at least one different person a day! Glad you have such a wonderful friend.

  3. What an amazing encouragement from your friend! I am sure it more than made your day. :) For a recent project at school we were given colorful index cards which we were supposed to give to people we caught doing great things, wheither picking up something one one dropped or if they brightened someones day.

    I am new to blogging and you blog, plus I am now following you too. Check out my blog,



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