Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beauty Is?

I love it when you think you have something down. You know, when you're sure you couldn't learn anything more about it. Well, I don't love that I think I have it down, but love when I find out there was even more.

I think that beauty is one of those subjects that I'm going to keep learning about (And being reminded of) all my life. True beauty. It seems all the time I'm stumbling over another beautiful truth.

One of my stumblings was this amazing card my beautiful friend, Megan, made me for Christmas. It says this:
Beauty Is...
Not rich silky hair or baby blue eyes
Not a perfect tan and a small waist size
Not straight teeth or no acne on your face
Not cute clothes or good fashion taste
Not starvation and not eating for days
Not throwing up all your food when it's making you gain weight
Not based on men and their twisted view of captivation
Not based on models and their fake image of perfection
Not based on boyfriends, on dates, on kisses, on sex
Not based on how many guys you can and can not get
Not based on a mirror and the fleshly image I see
Not based on the outward appearance of me
My heart, my soul
My God who makes me so completely whole
The women who will love the loveless
The women who will shine with God's goodness
A woman is captivating when she looks like the Lord
A woman is endearing when she knows whom she stands for
Too fat, too ugly, too skinny, too tall, not pretty...
These are complaints that all girls' minds project.
But if you're mad in God's image-
How are you any less than perfect?
God made you captivating, He wanted you this way,
To Him you have the beauty that will never go away.
So whenever you look in the mirror smile to yourself and say
"God made me BEAUTIFUL and I don't want to be any other way!"

I think one of the most important things I've learned about this is that a thousand people may tell you are insanely beautiful. They may compliment you, or insult you every day of your life. But in the end: It's you that has to decide whether or not you're going to accept what The One Who Made The World made. (You!) You've got to decide whether or not you're going to use the body your Father has provided you with to share the truth of Jesus Christ, to love, to share, and to serve!

I've accepted myself, and I want to spend my whole life being the best Nicole I can be. I want to spread the love my Father has blessed me with. And I don't want to lose sight of what I'm doing because I've become too obsessed with trying to "fix" what my Almighty, Heavenly, Lord, God has given me.
(The card)


  1. aww...thanks Nicole!
    I love that paper i have with all the things about beauty. I keep on my board and look at it a lot.


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