Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nicole and Mckenna's Guide to Studying For Finals


1. Find All the Junk Food You Can And Devour It Like There's No Tomorrow.

2. Watch Your Favorite Movie.

3. Give Yourself A Makeover.

4. Keep Your Dog From Eating Your Dark Chocolate.

5. Talk To Your Best Friends With Your Best Friend.

6. Play Dress Up Like A Little Girl.


7. Play Wii: Boxing.

8. And Then Hug Your Opponent Because You Accidentally Hit Them For Real.

9. Mow Your Lawn And Use A Leaf Blower Away All Your Leaves.

10. Sit Down And Be Exhausted.

11. Finally, Just Relax And Take Random Pictures.

(You deserve it)

(Look at the bottom right)

And when you get your test scores back and figure out those methods didn't exactly work, just sit yourself down and study the old fashioned way.


  1. *cracks up* HILARIOUS!! :)


  2. Hilarious! I should use this method to study for my finals! It would probably work for me...Ok, maybe not.

  3. omg this was so cute! I love all the pictures!! It looks like you had some much taking all the pictures! I laughed at the one that mentioned hugging your partner during Wii boxing because you accidentally hit them! It definitely sounds like something I would do!! Just discovered your cute blog and love it!

  4. Hey guys! I appreciate all the comments:)


Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it:)