Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a God-cidence.

This past week has blown me away! God has done so many amazing things I can't help but share them!

The first thing was one of the biggest. I barely ever check my AOL emails, but I did a couple days ago and now I'm really glad I did! Do you remember when I blogged earlier about how I was giving up makeup? Well- to give you a quick catchup- I met my goal: six weeks, and it's changed my life! All in all, I feel like I don't have to rely on makeup anymore to feel beautiful. Anyway, at the end of the article (Where I got the inspiration to do this) it challenged the readers to write about your experience and send it to Susie. (The creater of the magazine where I got the idea!) So I did.
And I got two emails replying! The first one was from the writer of the article: Ashley. Too many coincidences went on here! I had no idea that the girl that wrote the article was the same girl whose blog I've been following! I've really admired her- her love for Jesus, her blog, all of it. And now she was emailing me! She asked if she could put what I wrote on her blog and I of course said it was fine. What an excitement! But the coincidences don't stop there. She had written an earlier blog post about true beauty, and said that part of the reason she wrote that post, was because she thought she could see some of that genuine beauty in me! That made me cry, because when I first read that post, I remember praying that God would help others see me that way. What a huge God-cidence.
The other email was from Susie! She said that she wanted to take my letter and a picture of me and put it on the Susie website! I was practically jumping up and down by that point. (I read these emails right after one another). And they're sending me a Susie t-shirt! (As soon as it arrives, I'll take a picture and put it on here.)
This whole thing was really overwhelming, especially because I received tons upon tons of teasing for doing this. No one really understood why I was- even when I tried to explain. It hurt, even though the reward for doing it was huge. So to have all this happen was amazing.

But my week doesn't stop there!
Some of my friends and I wanted to see Sherlcok Holmes Saturday, but I spent all my money on Christmas presents. Lol, since then, I've been doing "free" stuff Friday nights. Lol. So I had to do some work to earn the money to go. Well, two and a half hours later, I had money in my pocket and I was sitting down watching the news when a segment about the earthquake that just hit Haiti came on. And all of a sudden I felt God was really convicting me to give the money I just earned to Haiti. So I texted my friend, McKenna, and told her I couldn't come because I didn't have enough money. And she texted me back and told me that she had a free coupon she would give me to go! And I just thought it was a pretty cool coincidence, until my dad said "Amazing how when you give to God, sometimes He gives back." And then it became a God-cidence!

But that's not it! Haha.
McKenna's new year resolution was to not drink soda the whole year. While we were out the movies, she mentioned how it was getting harder and harder not to drink it. Afterwards, I felt called (In the same way with the Haiti money) to stop drinking it too. So I texted her, and know what her reply was! She said that she was about to quit because doing it alone was just too hard. What another God-cidence!

All of this has just made me realize that the little things you do, whether you're just doing them, or feel as if God has asked you to, can play a huge part in someone else's life and you might not even know it. And I think that's such a God-cidence.


  1. SUCH a cool post!! :)

    I stopped wearing make-up for the month of December...and went from feeling ugly without it to feeling like my true beauty was not what I looked like. I don't even know if I want to wear make-up anymore. God is awesome isn't he?

    You're going without soda this whole year?! So am I...except my commitment is worse: going without SUGAR for the whole year. *winces* Ouch. But my family is doing it with me. So that's neat. :)

    In the pictures of the last post were you wearing makeup? 'Cause you're SUPER pretty (not saying that in a weird way, y'know ^^) really pretty. ;)

    Love you,

    PS I am so going to use the word God-cidence from now on. :)

  2. Wow nicole! Im soooo proud of you. And you have to know by now what a BEAUTIFUL girl you are (guys just cant resist haha).
    I can honestly say you are one of the godliest (is that how you spell it) girl i know of...and you may not always realize how many girls look up to, like me. When ever im in a situation, i can usually think of something you did and know that god is in everything.
    You go girl!
    oh...and what is the name of the girl who blogged about you (i want to see her site)

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I found your blog from Bekah's blog! (:

    That's really awesome how God has been working in your life lately! It's so great to see how He knows our heart's desires and blesses us, sometimes in the most unexpected and seemingly small ways. He is so good! (: Thanks for posting about all of that, it's alwyas encouraging to hear about what God is doing in another Christian's life.

    As far as the no-makeup thing you did, that's awesome! (: I personally don't wear makeup except for chapstick (does that even count? yeah, I didn't think so) and occasionally some clear mascara. Lol. So, I don't think going "makeup free" would really be a huge thing for me, but it's awesome how you were willing to give something up even though it was difficult for you, and by doing that you allowed God to change your heart and show you how beautfiul you are even without the makeup. (By the way, just looking at some of your posts and the pictures you have on them, I have to agree with Bekah, you are gorgeous!)

    Woooo, no sugar is a toughie! I gave up soda about 6 monthes ago, and I think I've only had it like 3 times since then (twice were Jone's Crushed Melon sodas in the glass bottle and another was some really great glass bottled rootbeer. Lol. Glass bottled soda is the only soda I actually have a hard time refusing, cus it's just so yummy!) Good luck though! That's great how you and doing it with your friend. Having someone in the same boat as you is always encouraging. (:

    Well, I look forward to reading more of your posts! (:

    In Christ,

  4. I love all three of you girls so much! All of you are so uplifting!

  5. Wow Nicole, you are a blessing to all! Your radiant beauty shines on the outside and your infinite love and passion for our Father is truly wonderful to get to be around and experience!! My cup is half full when you are around, and my love for you extends beyond belief. I thank the Lord everyday for following my prayers that i prayed upon forever to recieve a friend that could be not only a companion to myself; but a hand to hold and someone to discover all the Lord offers us in life. A lifetime as your friend would be a miracle that i would cherish everyday. With you by my side through thick and thin(no sodas, haha) means so much to me.

    I'll love you forever,
    Ill love you for always,
    As long as Im living,
    My miracle you will be!

    Server?! Are you server?!
    I need to connect to Server!!

    I will never forget the memories we share together!!
    ~ I have the worlds most amazing twin!!

    Love Always,

  6. I love hearing this kind of lovely stuff- thanks for sharing!


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