Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Sixteen !

Well October 30 (The day before Halloween!) was Kayla's birthday. She's sixteen! Hard to believe. Growing up, that was always "the year" we looked forward to. It was the year we could "officially" date, could drive, weren't freshmen in high school anymore... so hard to believe the year finally came for one of us!

On Friday night (Her actual birthday) she had all her friends over for a party.

Cici, Ann, Kayla, Becca, and on the floor Megan! haha

Her cakes(: I iced the vanilla, and Mom, Megan, and Cici iced the chocolate. They were both great!

Then they had smores(:

So, Saturday night, we celebrated with the family. We went the Cheesecake factory. (The food is HUUGE there. I couldn't eat a quarter of my dinner)

(From left to right) Our Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Ken, Mom, *Kayla*, me, and Dad!

Kayla and I outside of the Cheesecake Factory.

Well, it was fun celebrating... and now I feel super young compared to Kayla since she's 16 and I'm still 14! ;)

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