Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthdays, Concerts, Caroling= Busy Week!

The title of this post says it all- I've been BUSY! My time last week was spent a little like this:

Monday- School, dress rehearsal
Tuesday- School, celebrate Mckenna's birthday, 3 hour concert
Wednesday- School, celebrate Sierra's birthday, vioce lesson, bake 30 brownies and wrap presents for friends on Friday
Thursday- School, 3 hour concert
Friday- Last day of school before the Christmas break, and caroling!
On the up side, I kinda like being busy. So even though I was slightly exhausted by Friday night, it was an amazing week!

McKenna's Party
Practically the second we got to her house, Tucker (McKenna's dog) got lose! But, we eventually got him. :)We had some fun. That's for sure:)This cake was probably the best cake I have EVER had. No lie.
She got all the candles in one breath!
All of us before our body bags. (Aka- our concert dresses. That's what we call them)
This is the best group of girls ever. From left to right we've got: Catherine, Mckenna, me, Sierra, and Cammie!
After the body bags:)!
I wore boots, instead of high heels. They were tons more comfortable!

Group of choir kids:)

McKenna will probably always be my choir buddy. We're both the same height, and there's no sign that we'll be growing any more any time soon, so it's pretty much set in stone that we'll always be next to each other:)

We had fun inbetween times going on stage:)
Siiiigh. Such a pretty picture. And such ugly dresses.

Concert Number 2! (It was a combined thing, with Klein orchestra, band, and choir, so Kayla was in it too.) (If you don't remember, Kayla, my sister, plays the cello. Quite wonderfully, I might add)
Cute picturee:))

Caroling Time!
Friday night a group of freshman from church went Caroling! We had a blast. We stopped at a nursing home, and a lot of the people came out and listenend:). It was a good moment. After that, we stopped at a couple of homes and sang there too. What a great night.

I ended up wearing Brandon's Oak sweatshirt. Bahaha:)

Isn't this gingerbread house the cutest?

The Best Music Ever Made Was Created With: 1. A comb and 2. A piece of paper.
Yeah baby.

Hark the herald angels sing.... bla?

Well someone knows how to spell.

Wes, Brandon, me, Sarah, and Caroline!
(Hah. Check out the kid in the back. There's photogenicness for you right there.)
As busy as it was... the week basically rocked!


  1. Awesome pictures. Looks like a TON of fun. ;)



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