Thursday, June 18, 2009


Who knew my desktop publishing class would actually come in handy?? ;)

I've been wanting a blog for some time now, and finally settled on blogger when my friend, Katie, showed me hers. (Thanks bunches Katie!) I've been messing around with the settings for about a week now, and finally decided that even though its not perfect, I'll go ahead and make my first post! =D I'll probably make lots of changes, but it really doesn't matter since I don't know if anyone will actually be reading this. But thats okay. :)

So yesterday (After much anticipation!) I got invisalign. (For those of you that don't know, invisalign is basically like invisible braces) For a while it just felt sort of uncomfortable, but after about 5 hours it really started to hurt. (Even after two advils!) On the bright side, when I picked up Taylor to go see that new movie Imagine That (umm.. NOT worth seeing, BTW) she said she couldn't even tell! I got the same response from my family, so that's good. (Mom said she wants to get "family pictures" soon and I didn't want people staring at my teeth asking what was in my mouth??) :)

Ah... the joys of being a teenager.