Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Since I Started Blogging..

I started blogging over a year ago. I looked forward to my Blogiversary.. and I do remember seeing that I had about 16 days to go and getting all excited.. and then summer came, I got busy.. and forgot.

But anyway, I can't believe it's been A YEAR. It really feels like just yesterday I was trying to figure out what I wanted to name this thing (You should have heard what I came up with haha), how I wanted to decorate it (I think I've changed it 3 times so far). I can remember writing my first blog post, getting all excited, and putting a link on facebook so everyone else could see. :)

To a stranger who happened to stumble across my blog and read all or most of my postings I'm sure it appears that I haven't changed much since I first starting blogging.

But I have.

A lot.

Since then a lot in my life has changed. I have changed. I always told myself that there was nothing wrong with writing about the good things I was experiencing spiritually, or something I was up to, and that I would never make this a personal blog. (I have a diary for that. You never know what could come back and bite you!) So it's difficult to explain the reasons that I have changed.

Since I started blogging, God has done miracles in my life.

Since I started blogging, my faith has blossomed and grown and been beautiful and full and wonderful.

Since I started blogging, I let go of my faith for a time being and lived the way I wanted to live. (By the way, it didn't work out.)

Since I started blogging, I thought I fell in love.

Since I started blogging, I grew up some more. I saw things I'd never seen before.

Since I started blogging, I met people I know I'll be friends with for years and years to come. People who have changed me for the better.

And I can't wait to live another year. I can't wait for all the surprises, the people, the laughs. I can't wait to continue "growing up", changing, and learning about myself and the world around me.

By the way, I've decided to keep this blog and not get a tumblr. For now anyway. :)


  1. Beautiful post. It has been a joy and a blessing to have you as one of my blogging buddies and to grow up together. Have a lovely day, my lovely chum.

  2. Bekah, you're always my first commenter haha.
    I love having you as a blogging buddy!
    Love ya. :)

  3. I sent you a friend request on Facebook! (yes I'm the "Rebekah" Shaffer...pfft my parents insist on me having my full name up there...pfft haha)


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